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Slanchevo Guesthouse Family guesthouse "Slanchevo", with magnificent view, rising above the breathtaking canyon of Beli Lom River at Ruse Lom Nature Park, expects to spend your vacation filled with adventures in every season and to come closer to nature and beauty, the spirit of rural life, the Bulgarian traditions and local cuisine. You'll find the perfect place for recreation, sport and knowledge of nature, new emotions and unforgettable moments.
Guest House "Slanchevo" is located in the region of Nature Park Ruse Lom- a favorite spot for ornithologists and nature lovers, 25 kilometers east of Ruse, 1 km north of the E70 international road Ruse - Varna. Beli Lom river, which is a tributary of the Danube, is passing through the small picturesque village Pisanets. Near the village, with direct view of the guest house "Slanchevo", is the rock monster "Mamula" - declared a natural landmark, the virgin forest "Batakliata", bird paradise "Bakadzhika” and many caves and caverns, occupied by people since the Stone Age. From the villa you can see the rolling hills and meadows, the meandering river and the two rock plateaus known as the large and small ancient towns. Over a quarter Draka where the villa is located, is visible natural landmark Kralimarkova step. 2 km southwest of the village is the "drilled rock” - rock formation with an interesting shape.
The area is an outstanding natural beauty . The landscape is forest, giving way to chalk cliffs with caves and caverns, setting rolling hills and meadows. The area is famous for its fishing and hunting. It is home to evast and varried bird species including the spectacular eagle and other birds of pray. The caves also are home to the bats. The world fameous UNESCO bat sanctuary is within the locality. Bears, wild boar and wolves are known to inhabite the forest.
It is imposible to describe the beauty of the area, it has to be seen to appreciate it.
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Slanchevo Guesthouse
14,Stara Planina street,Pisanetz
2, Pleven street
Ruse, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 885 447 452
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